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Cloud AntiSpam

Real intelligence powered anti-spam.

Most malicious email attacks are a product of social engineering aimed to trick the end-user to open malicious content, which means, there is somebody trying to deceive someone else, that's why there should be someone else in the middle with experience and tools to prevent the deception. That's how our product works. And that's the way to achieve the best protection avalable in the market.

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Laniken IDDS

Protect your servers against brute force attacks.

Laniken (IDDS) blocks brute force attacks on Windows Servers, running:

Remote Desktop services Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access SMTP (generic) FTP (generic) SQL Server and many others.


Network explorer

Discover your network.

Discover devices and it's open ports inside your network. Fast, easy and without risk. Download


Make your on-site devices available to all your on-site and virtual students.

Learning from home is now the best (or only) option for many of us and educational institutions has to offer advanced and expensive software learning possiblities to both on-site and virtual students. AnyClassroom is a powerful classroom booking system that enables remote access to the on-site workstations from anywhere. Learn more


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